Ifeoluwa healed a man with hole in the heart


A young man who was my friend in secondary school named Tunde….(surname withheld) who witnessed the enormous spiritual power in me while in school came to me after we left school.

He was so emancipated and frightened.

I asked my friend, what his problem was?

He said, he went to the hospital and doctors discovered that he has hole in the heart.

Tunde believed I can help him.

He pleaded he doesn’t want to die.

I told him i have lost ” my power”.

He didn’t know that the holy cross that i use for power in secondary school was lost.

I told him that the only thing i can do is to take him to the source.

He was very happy at my proposal.

We booked an appointment with ifeoluwa.

Ifeoluwa gave him appointment for 3 weeks or 7weeks victory/ deliverance prayer(i can’t remember)

NB: Ifeoluwa’s victory house is usually opened every Friday btw 3 -4pm.

When Tunde completed the Victory Prayers.

Ifeoluwa asked him to go back for scanning, which he did.

The scan revealed “no hole in the heart” anymore !

Tunde became lively again and a steadfast convert of Ifeoluwa thereafter” …….Evang Lati

NB: Tunde….. is happily married, successful businessman and lives in Lagos.

Agbara olorun po.

A ngba adura, adura si gba ni ifeoluwa.

Love, Peace,Abide

Ifeoluwa ni.

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