Ifeoluwa commanded the sea to return missing boy


Every Holy Thursday/Good Friday, we usually assembly at the Sea side at Victoria Island.
There was a particular year, Papa told us, the sea is angry(literally ocean surge) and that no one should swim in the sea.
This didn’t go well with the youngster why we shouldn’t swim.
As it got darker around 7pm, we were told to go and fetch materials for campfire.
We seized that opportunity and used the cover of darkness to stylishly went far off and had a good swim.
After we had a good swim.
We discovered that one of us is missing.
Where is Sule?
Young Sule is missing !
Questions keep creeping into our minds:
*What are we going to report to Sule’s mother?
* How’re we going to face Papa(his cane always handy for defiant children !)
We looked forward for every sea surge to bring Sule and it didn’t.
We summoned courage to inform Papa.
Papa followed us to the last place we lost Sule to the sea.
He started praising god(won yin oluwa ni mesan mewa)
We, youngster were curious and checking every material with our touch light that come across the beach but it wasn’t Sule.
Before long, the sea brought sule as papa continued his prayers.
We hurriedly took his lifeless body to our meeting arena.
Papa told us to leave his lifeless body and continue our praise and worship.
We thought within ourselves that ” Papa should let us press his stomach so he can vomit water or take him to hospital, that he might not be death afterall.”
But we continued reluctantly and absent-minded in the praise and worship.
At about 15 minutes after we brought Sule out, Sule sneezed, sule came back to life !
From thereon my faith in Ifeoluwa was renewed and became stronger.”

NB:” Sule is now a barister of law today.
He was too young to remember but he’s happily married today.”…. Evang Lati(an eye witness)

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