A dead boy raised back to life


There was a boy named Fatai…(surname withheld) that fainted and dieed “father on the mount, save us ! Fatai is dead”(o daku, osi ku, ki won to pari wo Baba Ori Oke gba wa, fatai ti ku).

Ifeoluwa asked a warrior of God to assist them to carry him and that the parent should fetch water from their house to this Ori Oke.
Ifeoluwa blessed the water they brought from their house and sprinkled it on the dead body.
The dead body came back to life……Ifeoluwa.
NB: Fatai is happily married today and lives at Kelani street, iyana ipaja, lagos.
His mother also alive to testify as witness as well.
The power that raised the dead, will raise back all good things dead in our lives.
Dry bones shall live again.

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