Unbeliever, Mis-believer and Dis-believer

Unbeliever does not believe in the capacity and existence of God. Does not even believe in that God is the creator , but to a certain degree believes in himself. An unbeliever could be called an atheist.

He who believes in dainties and other gods is a Mis-believer. For example the Yorubas who believe in other gods.

Al-Quran 25 bs 17-19

In the Bible several times you see reference to ”Lord of lords”, God of gods. Implying that there are several gods.

God will ask the gods (on the day of resurrection) if they (the gods), misled his salves or if the slaves missed the way themselves.

The Dis-believer is he who has earned the anger of God. They are confused minds who don’t know what again to believe, prays but receives no answers.

When you pray ad it seems it is not being answered, 2 things can be responsible;

  1. it is not time or
  2. God checked you or measured you but found you wanting.

God says  you should find Him out before you begin to worship. Don’t forget that there is no straight and wide road, they only lead to fire.

Sticking to something through thick and thin means perseverance.

A mis-believer has the fear of man. If you don’t fear man, you will be able to open your mouth and tell people your problems and also testify to the work of God.

If you are sure of your God, you have no problem.

The Lord looks inward.

Illustration: a Muslim cleric who works daily, 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year praying and who went mad temporarily , but his  the messenger cured him and instructed his door to be opened , but the next morning he screamed for his door to be opened by the messenger. Lots of ‘juju’ was found in his room including a coffin filled with soap.

A mis-believer is he who has missed his way. If you are confused you have to speak out and ask those who know better than you. But you can not because you are afraid. Witches and Sorcerers are nothing compared to you followers of Ifeoluwa and therefore you should not be afraid of them.

Do not believe for one minute that anybody any where can put you in bondage, like a mis-believer.

Whatever you decide to do, choose Ifeoluwa.


Love Peace Abide

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