The reason we are here on Earth

We are here for two reasons

  1. To worship God
  2. To wine and dine

Unfortunately people lay emphasis on No. 2. The angels do nothing but to sing praises to God.  To wine and dine, you have to go to work. It was not like that before – but because of the original sin, man has to work hard.  You must establish worship secretly and openly.

Satan knows that God loves us but satan has invented things to keep us busy so that we will have no time for God. He will entice us with worldly things. What separated us from the original plan of God for us is sin.

There is no one that can say “I am not a sinner”. What about ancestral sins. We are all sinners. Satan will do all things to separate us from God. He uses sin.  Jesus came to carry all our sins away. Why was Jesus here? He came to do the will of God.

The book of Mathew chapter 6 v 10 makes us to understand that there is no other religion in heaven but the will of God. Jesus prayed that the kingdom of God should come on Earth. When Jesus was on Earth, the kingdom of God was’t here. But his promise was fulfilled as the Angel of God revealed in the songs of Ifeoluwa volume 1 chapter 72 v 5.

You should beg God to forgive you for your sins so that your prayers can penetrate into the heavens. As Ifeoluwa modified Jesus prayer : forgive us our sins and give us the spirit of forgiveness.

It is sin that keeps us away from those glorious promises and satan wants to keep us away. If you accept to do the will of God, Satan will run away from you. If your sins are forgiven, no evil shall befall you. Satan’s don’t want you to stay away from sin. We should be joyous and worship God with joy. The COVID 19 that the world is experiencing now calls for sober reflection.

Satan will be happy now that all houses of God are locked down . He is happy, but the wisdom of God surpasses all wisdom. He is the knowledge that surpasses all knowledge. What satan doesn’t know is that the Corona virus will bring people closer to God. People that don’t pray before will now be praying to God. It used to be a fashion parade to the house of God, now it isn’t any longer. People will now be asking for forgiveness of sins and protection from God. Surely we are bound to receive mercy.

The protection of God will be with us, there is no sin that God doesn’t forgive. Don’t look at the past. Do more of good deeds. Try to help other people. Give people food, food that will sustain them, physical, spiritually, mentally, psychologically.

Jesus said blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy. Learn to smile. Continue to pray for your loved ones and unloved ones. Pray for your enemies to have repentant heart.

The only way for you to walk and talk majestically is to do the will of God. All the heavenly hosts and the angels are doing the will of God.

The will of God is now here personified. You cannot see the word of God, but when he speaks it can take form as you read in the book of Genesis chapter 1 v 1 – 4

The spirit of God is the Holy spirit as revealed by the Angels of God in the songs of Ifeoluwa volume 1 chapter 44. The power of God is so great that he brought Ifeoluwa in the form of man

Say this : The Lord is my Shepherd, no evil shall befall me

This was the Sabbath’s sermon by Ifeoluwa, the Messenger of God on the 2nd of May, 2020


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