The Kingdom of God is in Your Heart


The Song of Ifeoluwa , Volume 2 hymn 96 stanza 16 says ”God is everywhere Ifeoluwa is”. Jesus Christ said ”the kingdom of God is in your heart”.

The kingdom of God to everybody is something that is beautiful and if Jesus says the kingdom of God is in you, then as weak as you are you can make God in-active,if you reject God that is within you. He does not leave but is dormant within you.

Some people have money and all , but they are still hungry and thirsty. They have made God dormant. But those that have made God active are always happy.

The scripture says God will always be with you in your tribulations if you ask Him to take control. How do you ask Him to take control? How do you get what you want in life?  By faith (which is general), no matter how small, is  unshakable.

If you are in control of your moral life, if you do not allow friends to influence you, you will always overcome. Sufferings and pains from relations will be for a little while, and enhances your personality to what you really should be. It empowers you and strengthens you. `

The bible says” i will bless the memory of the righteous. If you are perfectly honest, you will know what is going to happen, because God Himself has a dwelling in you. It is because people are not perfectly honest, they are not able to see what is happening.

To tell the truth sometimes regarded as rudeness according to social norms, for example i don’t like you, which is easy to say for babies, but not for adults. Spiritually you should be truthful but be diplomatic, do not be blunt so that you do not loose a soul.


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