Sincerity with God


Sincerity With God

Those that love God are not many. Mostly 99.9 percent of those in the house of God are not there for God but for their own selfish purposes or reasons.

Leave everything to God and He will do everything for you. Do not despair. Those who chase vanity are no where to be found.

If you have the spirit of forgiveness you will not age quickly. Remember the Lord searches your heart and soul.

Faith versus Failure

Failure hates persistent prayer. You must continue to believe in whatever you believe , starting from YOU!

If you strongly have faith in yourself and believe in God, you will see that things that seem impossible will be done.

The Lord said, tap my authority and my will , will be done.

The curtains of heaven have opened. The shadows have disappeared. No more stumbling blocks.

If you rejoice in everyday, the Lord has made, you will persist in everlasting joy.

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