Road to Joy

A sermon of the messenger on the 5th of November ,2005.

Ezekiel chap 18

Un-inherited sins

If a certain child who has repented of sins and walks in the way of the Lord , then such a child will not die of his father’s sins.

Some people are healthy ,but mentally dull( unable to think properly) because of sin, refusal to repent. Some people are unable to smile and that is also because of sinfulness.

Joy is different from happiness which can be temporary pleasure. Indescribable joy will be missing from a sinful person’s life, for instance keeping malice, bitterness, anger prevent such a person from smiling.

Whereas the Lord says come to my house with gladness but you cannot because of sin.

How do you know something is wrong? whatever you can not say or do publicly is wrong.

The right way

Some women use their money to buy jewelry, shoes and so on but never a bible for them-self, much less others. Does such a person really love God?

Most girls would rather buy clothes and jewelry so that a handsome man would see them, forgetting that the man God has ordained will love them regardless of material or physical possessions.  These are signs that angels look out for. You never even thought to buy a prayer dress for a fellow brother or sister and yet you claim to do the will of God. That is practicing ‘theoretical will of God’. Doing this results in unanswered prayers, because such prayers never get to God.

If you do not practice the will of God, things will not go smoothly

The right attitude to marriage

As a girl who has a suitor, let the man realize that you do not want to be a burden or parasite to him, rather you want to be self-reliable before marriage.

What usually spoils marriages is misunderstanding. Both parties are coming from different backgrounds, culture and environment,so you can not expect too much. No two persons learn the same way. If your wife can not cook,send her to a catering school, or if she is embarrassing you as a result of her illiteracy, then encourage her to educate herself. Learn to find solutions to problems because separations and divorce will have damaging effects on the children. Hence Jesus said what God has joined together let no man put asunder.


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