Ola ati Ola : Wealth and Honor


All good things come from the Lord. The creator of light and darkness. One who gives to whom He pleases, when He will.

One may have Ola( riches) properties such as houses, cars, lands and so on, but will not Ola’, (honor) and vice versa. It is God that gives both. He might give both to someone , He does as He wishes.

You may think because you stay all day on the praying mat so you ought to be rich, but it is not so. It is only if God wishes so.

Some people worship God for wealth purposes which should not be.

1 Chronicles 29 vs 12: ‘wealth and honor come from you alone, for you rule over everything. Power and might are in your hand, and at your discretion people are made great and given strength’.

Some people are given power but have no might, it all belongs to God.

You must aspire for all good things.

A lot of people have wealth but no integrity , they are dis-honorable. You must be careful when you are poor such that when your money comes , you will remain honorable.

Jeremiah gave lamentations because he had misery, but i have joy. My lamentation can only be for Nigeria which is suppose to be a head but Lord have mercy.

Nigerians never used to wear second-hand clothings, but these days it is high fashion. May God not make us the tail.

God is the owner of wealth and riches, may he bless us with the best.


Love Peace Abide.


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