Good living: Musings of Ifeoluwa

Ezekiel 18

If a child repents and walks in the way of the Lord as written in Ezekiel chapter 18 , then such a child will not die for his father’s iniquities.

Some people are physically healthy but mentally ill (can not think properly) which can be related to sin, refusal to repent. Others can not smile which can also be related to sin.

Joy is different from happiness which can be caused by temporary pleasure. But joy that can not be described will be missing in a sinful person’s life. For instance keeping malice , being bitter and angry will not enable one to smile. But God has instructed that you should come into His house with gladness.

How do you know something is wrong? anything that you can not do or say in public is wrong.

Some women use their money to buy jewelry, shoes and so on, but never a holy book for themselves , much less for others. Can you really claim that you love God?

Most girls would rather buy clothes and jewelry so that a handsome man can notice them, forgetting that God has ordained someone who would recognize them without any of these material adornments.

You have never even thought about buying a prayer garment for a fellow brother or sister and yet you claim to do the will of God. Some people do theoretical will of God and they wonder why prayers are not answered. It is because their prayers never even left the room. If you do not do the will of God the practical way, by showing love to others, things will not go smoothly for you.

If you are a woman having a suitor let him know that you do not want to be a parasite but want to be self reliable before marriage. What usually destroys marriage is misunderstanding. Both parties are coming from different background , culture and environment so you can not expect too much. No two persons learn the same way. I f your wife can not cook you should send her to catering school. or if she is embarrassing you as a result of her illiteracy , then encourage her to educate herself. Learn to find solutions to problems because separation or divorce won’t help the situation and especially have damaging effect on the children. Hence Jesus said what God has put together let no man put asunder.

Let your suitor know that you want to be a self-made millionaire preferably before marriage because you want to be able to support him.

May the Lord help you and help you real good.


Love Peace Abide.

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