A man of Valour

Judges 6 vs 12 : “the angel of the Lord appeared to him and said ‘mighty hero , mighty man of valor, the Lord is with you”.

Judges 6 vs 12-15: The Lord sent Gideon to rescue Israel and he said, ‘I am the least in my entire family! The Lord then said , ‘I will be with you and you will destroy the enemies.

vs 19: Gideon made a sacrifice of meat and unleavened bread to the angel in appreciation of the message of assurance.

you should endeavor to spend more in the way of the Lord. Humble yourself when the Lord elevates you. Enjoy your life , do not take life too seriously and have more friends. you can not tell who will assist you. be good to all.

Ifeoluwa’s best-friend is the person that checks on others welfare and encourages others to come for worship.

The Messenger’s quote

‘common sense is not common because common people do not make use of common sense

it is not enough to have your eyes in your head

but rather pray to have your head in your eyes’

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