Ifeoluwa heals the world – Covid-19

During the Sabbath service on the 25th of April 2020 at 12 noon, an Angel of God descended on the mount of power to deliver a message to His Messenger, Ifeoluwa.

He received a message to inform his followers and all religious leaders of the world to follow the steps outlined to seek God’s mercy and end the current virus pandemic, COVID-19, in the world.

The Angel of God said:

From the heavens above, from the mount of Authority, we deliver this message. May it be useful to the world. At this hour, this is what God says. So, shall it be for all the souls that believe in God. May the God of Authority put his authority on and fulfil this. My Messenger do not be afraid.

May the Almighty God breathe life into the world. His hands that overflows with mercy, may he end his anger with mankind. The truth of this revelation shall be revealed to all religious leaders in the world.

God that created the heavens and the earth. That sees everything, that knows everything and can do anything, He is the King that  they would be seeking in the way and language that that they understand. There is only one King.

The person chosen to do this, he created him. This guidance, it is Him that would fulfil it.


The instructions

The following steps outlined are to be carried out by the leader of every religious establishment in the world regardless of race or background of God’s faith.

The leader can be joined by one or 2 high ranking representative or member of their faith.

Open the main gate or entrance of your place of worship. This can be the entrance of a temple, church, mosque, synagogue or tent. Ensure no one is standing outside or at the front of the gates.


  1. Now begin the ceremony by walking 3 steps and stand together inside your place of worship. This can be at the front of an altar.
  2. Hold your individual sword or staff of authority pointing upwards towards the sky. If you do not have one, you can hold a Holy Bible, Holy Quran or any other point of reference applicable to your faith.
  3. While holding the sword, position yourselves by lying stretched on the ground with your chest downwards (prostrate position).
  4. While in the prostrate position, say “Jehovah (Yahweh), Jehovah (Yahweh); Jehovah (Yahweh), Jehovah (Yahweh); Jehovah (Yahweh), Jehovah (Yahweh); take this evil away from us.”. You can say this in the language best known to you.For example, Jehovah or Yahweh can be substituted with Allah if you speak Arabic or Olorun if you speak Yoruba.
  5. Now change your position (kneel-down), so your upper body is now upright and supported with both of your knees on the ground. Then say again “Jehovah, Jehovah; Jehovah, Jehovah; Jehovah, Jehovah; take this evil away from us.”.
  6. Now fully stand up straight with your swords still held and pointing upwards.
  7. Then carefully, in 4 movements – step forward with your left foot and return it to the right foot. Then step backward with your right foot and return it to the left foot.
  8. Then say again “Jehovah, Jehovah; Jehovah, Jehovah; Jehovah, Jehovah; take this evil away from us.”.
  9. Worship God by bowing 3 times and say, Holy the first time, Holy the second time and on the third time, Holy Lord God Almighty
  10. Position yourself upright and spread both of your hands outwards away from your body to pray (like you want to receive a gift) and say “Lord we believe you have heard us, it is your miracle that we are expecting. Come and perform your miracle for us in the whole world”. Then say “Hallelujah” 7 times.


The Angel of God said:

When we asked Joshua to do this, the wall that the world thought could not be broken – it was destroyed


This is a powerful message from the Angel of God. We followers of Ifeoluwa mission are using this platform to reach out to the world leaders, to come together as one and follow this guidance.

God has heard the voice of Ifeoluwa and many other believers that have prayed for his mercy and healing. He has now sent his guidance, lets us obey and expect his miracle.

We would like to suggest that anyone that follows this instruction should record it on video and share it with us and the world so that we can encourage one another.

You will always be remembered as one of the heroes that saved the world when you do this.

Every leader counts.

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