Spritual Dancing Anniversary of Ifeoluwa-Ajodun Ijo Ifeoluwa

The Lord told Ifeoluwa to Dance for him every last Thursday of November, and he also revealed that the last person he instructed to dance was King David. This anniversary is usually the highlight of the year. So many side activities take place on this anniversary. Several of the divine structures are paraded on this anniversary. People have the opportunity to behold this special structures and make prayer requests.

Over the years there has been several testimonies of answered prayers emanating from prayers made on this special occasion.

It is a sight to behold. Ifeoluwa dances round the temple multiple times in different regalia, there is the pushing of the incense chariot, a very spiritually touching moment, 3 virgins ladies parade the temple with their lamps of oil, prayer requests are written , received and burnt up in a special side event.

The choir come out in their best and give beautiful renditions of songs of Ifeoluwa specially sang only on this occasion. Amazing !

It is nothing short of amazing, a must see once a year spiritually elevating event.


Hope to see you in the upcoming one.

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