Pregnant Women Hour

The mandate for human is that we should be fruitful and multiply, albiet due to the fall of Adam and Eve, God placed a painful/labor-ful clause in the act of delivery for women. In addition to this supernatural caveat, the health systems and sometimes the physical conditions of some women put them in a lot of danger during the gestation period. In certain cases, there are unseen forces that endanger the lives of women at this delicate period.

Ifeoluwa offers comfort, victory and joy for all pregnant women during this special period. For all who need divine protection and assurance during this time, there is a weekly prayer hour on Thursdays between the hour of 5pm and 6pm with the Mother General of the mission.

Where there is no vision my people perish, hence the light of Ifeoluwa will guide all consulting women at this time ,and lead them to safe deliveries.


Love , Peace, Abide.

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