Friday Victor Hour

This Hour presents an opportunity for the sick to get healed. The form of sickness may be physical (illnesses, diseases, ailments, disabilities and so on). It could be emotional , mental, psychological , financial or spiritual. Countless miracles of happened in the victory house on the mount of Power, the victory house.

However, this hour is based on prior appointment given by Ifeoluwa, which is usually preceded by a cleansing at a running water, to sanctify the individual(s).

There is total assurance of healing in Ifeoluwa, the blind have been made to see, the lame walk, barren conceive, dead brought to life and so many astounding miracles . The recipients of these many miracles are alive to testify to the power of God in Ifeoluwa. The power and authority which is granted to the messenger, the light of today is like no other. It is pure and been renewed daily by the holy angels of the Lord Himself.

Come and Receive your blessings!

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