Anniversary of Laws

As laws were descended for Moses on Mount Sinai, so also were laws given to the light of today, Ifeoluwa on the Mount of Authority, Ori-oke Ase, Abeokuta. These laws are for the followers of Ifeoluwa to guide there behaviour, deeds, and work for God, and the messenger of God Ifeoluwa, as well as duties to the house of God.

The anniversary of laws serves as a time to remember these laws, read and assimilate them, commit them to heart and practise. It is a 3-day affair involving camping of members at the Mount of Authority in Abeokuta, Ogun State. A solemn time for meditation and visitation of the remarkable sites that are of spiritual significance for Ifeoluwa.

At the end of the 3-day , a service is held which culminates in the reading of all the laws, rules and regulation of Ifeoluwa.

These laws are available in the mission’s handbook for reference.

We look forward to receiving you at the event.

Love, Peace, Abide.

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