The Messenger


By name, Tela Tella.  Hails from the Western region of Nigeria. He traveled round the world to meet different people and experience different cultures, religions and social beliefs and circuits.

He founded the mission in 1976 sequel to a direct calling by God and since then he has been living and breathing strictly on God’s instructions, directions and inspirations.

Many miracles have been performed through him to Gods glory; healing of the sick, years of barrenness turned to fruitfulness, healing of cancers, healing of leprosy, the blind made to see, the hopeless, the wretched has become wealthy, jailers released, promotions made possible, family re-unions made possible and many more awesome wonders of God (available in books of wonders of Ifeolwa by Mother General Ekundayo Tella).

A lover of nature; he has many pets; cats, rabbits, horses, peacocks, antelopes, crown cranes, tortoise, eaglets, parrots, pigeons, to mention but a few and of course exotic flowers and trees surround his abode.

He is a comforter, a teacher, a father to all, a role model, and sole ambassador of God in our privileged generation.

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